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Friday, April 30, 2010

Pittsburgh Storm by David O’Keffee

This is a post apocalypse story centered in Pittsburgh. I suspect it hit home a little harder than it might due to the fact I am so familiar with the setting. Matt Cahill finds himself alone in a city of death. The plot centers around his survival.

O’Keefee set the stage quite nicely. He painted a grim picture of life after civilization’s end. There were enough twists and turns to make a good story. I prefer a clearer closure but that is just me. O’Keefee wraps up the story with a tiny glimmer of hope. I found the book well done but depressing. It is in essence a story of survival and what you need to do to survive. The protagonist agonizes over both events and what he might be become. Agonized introspection characterizes Matt Cahill.

The book is available for free download or a donation at the author’s website.

I recommend the book.

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